Book of Abstracts

All the accepted abstracts are going to be published in the Book of Abstracts.

For publishing in the Book of Abstracts the authors of accepted submissions have to provide a short bio up to 100 words, a formal picture of the main author and the conference presenter.


Publishing Full Papers

The full papers will be submitted for reviewing and publishing in one of the conference journals according to the profile of the journal and the submitted research.

The authors will be also offered to publish their full papers in the conference monograph of the selected papers.

The organising committee preserves the right to guide authors in their choice of the publication opportunity.

The authors are going to be consulted till the final stage of the publishing process.

Before submitting full papers the authors should read carefully the requirements of the journal in their preference and outline the paper accordingly.

Conference Journals

Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies

International Journal of Research in E-learning

International Conference on Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education

Publishing in the Conference Monograph of the Selected Papers

Selected papers will be suggested for publishing in the conference monograph or a series of monographs depending upon the profiles of the submitted papers.

The guideline for formatting papers to be published in the monograph will be provided to the authors of the selected papers after the conference.

The monograph is planned to be published within three months after the conference.